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The People - Land Rover Explorers

This is a couple that we will be reminded of for our entire trip. This guy bought the Land Rover from the movie Lara Croft Tomb Raider and then spent 3 years retrofitting this thing into a Mad Max around the world capable machine. The two of them are driving this tank around the world and camping along the way, if you wanna call it camping. It has a pop up bedroom, bathroom, solar panels and state of the art engineering. I could have spent a week talking to him about how he built it and what all he had done to the truck. He was married and all he ever wanted was a Land Rover but his wife who sounded like a bit of a naysayer, said she didn’t want a Land Rover or to travel. He got divorced, bought his Land Rover, bulletproofed it for his journey with his new wife, who loves traveling and the truck, and they took off.

As we talked to him, he said something in German to his wife who went to get a key to a compartment that he began digging in. He came out with 2 boxes, which he elegantly presented each of us with a limited edition Swiss Army knife. He was very proud of the knives and obviously had stocked a few on board for special occasions, so I was honored to receive such a beautiful knife. It will accompany us around the world.

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