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Dan Bartlett, Bob Lynch, and Brian Johnson are three friends working in the travel industry based out of Guam. All three of them arrived on Guam approximately the same time 8 years ago. It didn’t take long for them to figure out that they had one thing in common, adventure traveling! In a short period of time they were hiking daily, scuba diving shipwrecks around the Pacific and exploring the world from Asia to Europe.

On these travels, Dan would often rent a motorcycle every chance that he could. Having been an avid rider since the age of 10, he loved to get on a motocross bike and explore the remote areas, especially in southeast Asia. It wasn’t long before both Bob and Brian were joining in on the motorcycle rides and their curiosity of motorcycles quickly grew into a passion. Before long both Bob and Brian’s skill level escalated very rapidly. In a short period of time, all three riders were taking on similar challenges. There were multiple riding adventures exploring Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Philippines and more. It was a thrill and there was always an adventure being planned. The plans sometimes included other friends joining in along the way, which often times changed the riding dynamics, but always added a little extra fun.

There was one trip in particular in Laos that was very challenging. Dan and Bob stumbled off the beaten path and wandered into a rebel strong hold area. The trail they were riding on turned into a cow path that was eventually covered by a landslide. After deciding to go up and over the first landslide, now committed to only one direction on the path, neither one of them could have expected how that day would unfold. It was filled with multiple landslides, rebel encounters, lack of water, mechanical problems and a day that would stretch both their mental and physical capacities. Following the exhausting day with its ups and downs and twists and turns, Dan shared his dream of riding around the world with Bob. Bob was instantly captivated by the idea, but the timing of the proposal after such a long and challenging day was odd to Bob. Dan explained that if we can survive and persevere through things like today, then we can overcome anything. It all kind of made sense and so the dream was born.

After returning to Guam, the three adventurers brought out their maps and planned their route around the globe. They settled on a route that would take them to 80 countries over 3 years. The enthusiasm of the trip quickly grew on many levels. The prospect of just riding around the globe was exciting in itself, but then when the timeline of the trip was formed, they realized that they could hit many world celebrations/events along the route and therefore the route got that much more exciting. The thought of being in Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest, running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, Carnival in Rio, Songkran Water Festival in Thailand and any other world event that could fit in the route was exciting!

Employment in the travel industry has provided travel benefits that have allowed many adventures to explore the world. When coupling these benefits with motorcycle adventures, the far reaches of the world are truly limitless. The world tour plan includes going off the beaten path to meet people in the far reaches of the planet. These opportunities will provide amazing opportunities to illustrate the differences and similarities of humans around globe.


Update- So far we have covered more than 18,000 miles and 9 countries.  We added another rider with our friend Justin committing to join the entire ride.  Our ride has been full of trials and tribulations certainly having our share of obstacles.  Our biggest obstacle was suffering the lose of our dear friend Brian while we were in Mexico.  It has been a challenge that none of us could have predicted the size of his lose.  We are reminded everyday of him and our ride that already had significant purpose, has a new purpose.  We are now taking Brian's remains around the world with us and spreading him at the 7 corners of the globe and many places inbetween.  The full story can be found on our Blog Page.  Thanks for Following!!


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