Frequently Asked Questions

-How Long is your trip?

We plan on the first lap around the world to take 3 years and we plan on going to 82 countries with our current route. The route is always changing but we still expect the ride to take us to approximately 80 countries. Although, its a 3 year trip, its actually about 18 months of riding. See the question and answer below for an idea of what I mean…

-Are you guys retired or rich?

Absolutely neither one! We are not retired and we are not rich. Our riding schedule is riding for one month and then going back to work for one month. We all work in the travel industry and get pretty good discounts on airfare but there is a lot of expense with this trip and we have to go back to work to pay for it and our other bills. We have been scrapping the bottom of the change jar for a very long time and just got to a point in our career that would allow us the schedule and enough income so that we could purchase the motorcycles and gear, and off we went on a very limited budget.

- Do you have a support vehicle?

We do have a support vehicle for the North American leg of the journey. Dans uncle Glen is a 68 year old retired nurse that was quick to jump in on the adventure, but he isn't interested in going to Mexico and beyond. Therefore, we will have the help of a truck until we get to Mexico and then we will be on our own without the luxury of throwing some things in a truck, like a cooler full of beer.

-Is the trip as physically challenging as you had expected?

Its about exactly as we thought it would be. We have travelled enough, ridden in third world countries and had some difficult rides. Right now we are on the North American part of our trip and have nice roads, well maintained gravel/dirt roads and even the trails we have been on have been good quality and not too demanding beyond what we thought they might be.

-What Kind of motocycles are you riding?

We are all riding BMW F800GSA motorcycles.

-Do you have any sponsors?

Not yet. We have been slow to approach potential sponsors until we feel that our media such as Facebook/Instagram/web site are of good quality so that we can provide a good depiction of our trip. After all of that is done, we will approach sponsors and hope to subsidize the trip.

-Have you ever considered doing a TV series?

Yes. This trip was going to happen one way or another. Brian, Bob and Dan are avid adventure travelers and do several rides a year in the SE Asia and throughout the Pacific. Dan has a friend Jason that works in the Hollywood scene, that had seen some pictures of his trips and asked what the next adventure plan was? Dan informed Jason of his intentions of riding around the world. That led to a photographer that works with Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and other media outlets, coming on a trip with Dan and filming a ride throughout Cambodia, Thailand and Guam. We are now in discussions with a couple of media outlets for potentially making the journey into a TV show. It’s also a possibility that we may keep the ride more on a grass roots level and do our own YouTube Channel and provide episodes at our own pace and provide our own content. Either way, the journey will be documented and the story told.

-What's your biggest fear on this trip?

Dan - being eaten by a bear Bob - getting stranded somewhere where no one else is around with a problem that I cant fix. Brian - getting hit by a car.

-When are guest riders welcome, and how do you select them?

Our guest riders are usually friends that we have known for a long time. We have are riding to some countries that are difficult to be in, much less ride in. Therefore, our trips are not for everyone that likes to ride. There are many layers to our trip and we would like to have riders around that can roll with the punches, be tolerant of obstacles, have a curiosity of the world, and must be able to make us laugh! 

-Any problems so far on this trip?

Yes, there is always something to overcome wether it be maintenance, weather, logistics of border crossings, broken gear, or someone not getting along, but we do get along pretty well. We have had some long days, been caught in snow storms, flat tires and daily obstacles. It will cause some stress but all has been well so far.

-How many miles do you do a day?

We plan on doing 250 - 300 miles a day, maximum. We really would like to have time to experience the areas that we are going through and stopping in.

-How often do you do laundry, and how many clothes do you carry?

I have one soft North Face bag full of clothes. We do laundry once a week and our clothes usually get worn a couple of times before being washed. It is a strategic packing job trying to figure out what you need, but I always have a swimsuit and flip flops. I have found I can get by in most places we go with those but we also have to carry a nice set of clothes to travel in and the occasional dinner at a restaurant.

-How much camping are you doing?

We are camping as much as possible. Its too expensive to stay at a hotel/motel every night and we really enjoy camping. Some of my favorite moments of our travels are from moments around a campfire. We will always seek out a campsite before anything else.

-What do you do when it rains?

We keep on going like its not raining but we slow down the ride a little. The only time we have let weather interfere with our trip was when we got caught in a snow storm near the arctic circle and it took a few extra hours to pack up our camp and get on the road. We then road 130 miles in a whiteout snowstorm. It sucked and we were wishing we would have just stayed at our camp for another day.


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